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"Dr. Tartaglia has done it! Flawless! is a fascinating, realistic, practical guide to happiness. In fact, in a world of illusory promises, his may be the onty reliable prescription for peace of mind and contentment. I do know for sure that this prominent psychiatrist has put his finger on exactly the reasons so many bright individuals fall short of the success they are seeking. Fortunately, this book provides us with many inspiring models for success and with the tools that we can use to fix the flaws that are holding us back. Dr Tartaglia leaves no doubt that we do indeed have the power to change owr lives, to create new selves, and to take charge of guiding our own destinies."
-Scott DeGarmo
Former Editor-in-Chief & Publisher SUCCESS Magazine

`'If you'd like a flawless life and character, read, absorb and use these principles and insights from my friend, Dr. 'T."'
-- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, New York Times #1 bestseller, Chicken Soup For The Soul series

"Character is the most critical issue facing our society. Here is a dynamic book that tells us what we can do to improve it. Tartaglia will enlighten you.''
-- Jack Canfield, Co-author, New York Times #1 bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"Simple, easy-to-read -- like looking in the mirror. You'll get the point, and you'll get it quickly -- and maybe save a few dollars in therapy""
-- Dr. Joyce L. Vedral, Author, Look in, Look up, Look out!: Be the Person You Were Meant to Be

"Flawless" A priceless jewel that shows you it is possible by the grace of God to turn your character flaws into character assets."
-- Robert H. Schuller, Author, Ten Steps to Financial Freedom and Life's Not Fair, But God is Good

"Flawless is good food for the soul."
-- Father Angelo Scolozzi, Missionaries of Charity 3rd Order

"If you don't have any flaws you're not human. Making your life work involves admitting your flaws and committing to change. Let Flawless be your life guide. This is a must read for all earthly beings."
-- Ken Blanchard, Co-author, The One Minute Manager

"I cannot tell you how deeply impressed I was while reviewing Flawless, by Lou Tartaglia. Not only is it rich in earthy, healthy psychology, but the style is delightful. It is a book that not just certain people should read, but one ~at everyone could benefit from, and enjoy themselves in the process."
-- Joseph F. Girzone, author of the Joshua series

"Dr. Tartaglia jump-starts us toward growth by understanding that character flaws are defensive mechanisms. ("flaws don't occur because people are bad, but because people are hurting.'' ) He guides us to self-directed change by distinguishing between feats of iron will and the more powerful humility of willingness. Flawless is a powerful, timely guidebook to a healthier, heartier dance through life."
-- Jim Tunney, Ed.D., Former NFL Referree

''Flawless! Your Ten Most Common Character Flaws and What to Do About Them is a must-read from a medical director and an outstanding writer whose decades of working with patients provides him a rich background of understanding human psychology. Dr. Tartaglia is genius at simplifying complex theory into clear, understandable, and practical action steps that will enrich your life and interaction with others."'
-- Paul J. Meyer, Founder of Success Motivation Institute, Inc. and Leadership Management, Inc.

`'Dr. Tartaglia's terrific book Flawless! reflects a street smart and savvy approach that has helped thousands of patients. He is the most knowledgeable psychiatrist I have ever worked with. Flawless! is a must read for anyone bent on turning their life around.''
-- David Toma, World renowned lecturer and author


What Readers Are Saying About The Great Wing

"This is one of the most touching and yet powerful parables I have ever read. "
- Og Mandino

"Take a flight into spiritual transformation as you experience how possibility thinking works its wonders on this flock."
- Dr. Robert H.Schuller

"A magnificent transformational journey- step aboard for a life changing flight - I loved it."
- Wayne Dyer

"A little gem-It touches the heart and lifts the soul."
- Fr. Joe Martin

If you have ever struggled to survive, had to face the winds of  adversity or moved on in life afraid that you might not make it, read this book. It will inspire and motivate you. It will fill you with faith in God.
- David Toma, World renowned lecturer and author.

The Great Wing is one of the 90's great parables. It stands on its' own as a charming story of a goose, Gomer, who is struggling to learn how and why the flock must leave their pond. On a deeper level, Gomer is experiencing many of the same inner struggles that we go through every day. How do I balance my need for individuality and self expression with my undeniable need to be part of something larger? What we learn is we can have it all. You can surrender yourself to the "flock" and not loose sight of who you are . In fact, It is within this "flock" that you discover your true self and all you have to offer to the world.

Author, Dr. Louis Tartaglia's telling of the story of Gomer is second only to meeting him in person. His outgoing personality seems in contrast to the calming effect he has over individuals he meets. He seems like a person who has the peace we all seem to search for, much like Gomer does in the Great Wing.   -
Chris Champion, Manager Thackeray's Books.

The Great Wing is a priceless jewel that everyone in a recovery program should read.- Spencer Haywood, former NBA All-Star

I love the book very much and on top of it, it's opening again and again my inner eye. Thanks a lot for all the insights. Joana Duena.,

You may also enjoy an expanded, very stimulating story in book form that describes this sense of teamwork, told first person from the perspective of a gosling as he prepares for his first migration to the south for the winter. The name of the book is "The Great Wing."  - Beverly W., Fort Wayne, IN

This book is my new favorite gift to others. My wife, my sister, and my father have all responded with repeated comments about the impact of personal introspection this writing has inspired. Another recipient just last weekend informed me that in two days this book had inspired her to reorganize her department and look deep into her soul. The book very subtly and entertainingly helps one see the impact of interpersonal relationships and the significance of helping one another by helping one's self operate at full potential. Please give this book to anyone who needs a boost of self confidence... It will brighten several of your days as you watch this message brighten their lives. Randy Morrison, Fort Wayne, IN

This is an inspiring spiritual story for all people in recovery."  - Fr.Leo Booth

The great wing gives you a perfect metaphor for organization all the way from training new members to achieving hyper flight.  - Dr. Frank Cantwell,
Professor of Management West Texas University

Dr. Tartaglia has replaced my spiritual motivator and author Og Mandino who recently passed away. Spirituality and the Christ's teachings unfold through the Great Wings of these migrating Geese. The complex "V" pattern of flying and the significance behind it, vividly unfolds, woven with practical sadhana as experienced by Gomer, Monica, August, Goosentein, Walter, EBT birds. The challenging storm at the end and the perseverance of the "Flock Minded" birds receive the blessings of "The Great Wing" landing them in the warm Bay. ... It is a great gift to
give to anyone.  -Sabapathy Siva,MD Vancouver Canada

I read it over the weekend, and it is dear, so sweet and simple, yet profound. - Heidi Kugler, Professor of Music, Stanford University.

Fabulous Presentation of the entire concept of teamwork. The Great Wing has my vote!
- Douglas J. Thomson, CEO SEVALS, Inc

Your book points to a very different kind of setting for individual awakening which involves the group with an all encompassing love and becomes within this context a group awakening. What a wonderful change which to me heralds what will be happening in the world at large during
this time of spiritual transformation. Alan Papetrou. , North Carolina

The Great Wing is more than a story it is a way of life.
How long will it take to know the truth of this parable? To win in the game of life is to serve, be served and together reach our highest ideals. The great wing a , story whose time has come! - Jack Lenchiner, New York City

It is as uplifting as flight itself. As courageous as the spirit of integrity.-Tom Waniewski, General Manager of

"If you want to soar above the clouds, and prosper during the challenging entrepreneurial journey, then read and follow the values and lessons captured in this inspiring book." -Mitchell Schlimer, Chairman, Let's Talk Business Network

"The Great Wing" is a delightful metaphor for life. I highly recommend your book to all families as it is an enchanting an natural folk tale for the 21st Century.  - Rev. Barbara Walley

The Great Wing is a wonderful story - very carefully constructed to cover all the issues and difficulties that might be encountered on discovering the need to surrender to the divine. It seems to me that you deliberately aimed it at young teenagers and the style works particularly well for them. -Elizabeth M. VA

Great Story. Very touching and guaranteed to help you believe in yourself. The Great Wing is superb.!! - Betty Thomson, General Manager,Yesterday and Today.

The Great Wing reaches people and helps them understand that we need each other's support. -Beatrice Palumbo.

"On first reading, THE GREAT WING is a page-turner of a story about the art of flock flight, as practiced by the wild goose. As a parable on relationships, it explores our life within ourselves, with each other and the cosmos. I see THE GREAT WING taking its place as a favorite bedside reader on whatever level is needed for living in inner peace. It's a primer of practical philosophy, probably slated to be one of those "Desert Island" books." - Helen Heubi, Toronto

"Deep philosophy expressed in a natural style... Could become a classic."   - Paul Heubi

I devoured this book. I couldn't put it down. I was excited about The Great Wing that I immediately shared it with my friends. Like the Celestine Prophesy I had to let others know. - Diane Bedore, National Sales Trainer Women's Life

"A very enjoyable book with an important message, " - Susan Bones

"I really do think of Og Mandino when I read The Great Wing. I want to encourage you to focus more time and energy to promote this book in a BIG way. It is a great blessing for us.  - Thom Lisk, The Thom Lisk Group

"This book spoke to me as no other book has before. As selfish as it seems I think God used Lou Tartaglia, to write this book for me. It was the start I needed to do my spiritual program. - Marilyn Snyder

I loved "The Great Wing." It addresses the fears, insecurities and wishes that all of us have at some point in our lives. You deal with profound themes but employ a metaphor of migrating geese, effectively making the book suitable for all ages. Like "The Little Prince" and "The Velveteen Rabbit," it's a must read for anybody who is or once was an adolescent. Good Luck with it. -Corinne Keating Devereux, MD, Belleville NJ.

The Great wing is a gossamer tale-- a simple read with complex undercurrents compelling one to define how intricate community relationships shape one's unique place in life's journey, buoyed by the spiritual's gravitational presence. the deepening levels of this gentle story will delight the young while providing the mature reader
philosophical grist for the working. A sweet sojourn.
-Mur Bookmiller, Ohio

"A wonderful story which is sure to make a connection with all ages... and leave a lasting impression,"  - Marty Beaker

"If you ever had to lead your organization through major changes you will love this book. It shows how learning to balance your personal needs with that of the group will bring you to a new level of leadership."  - Phil Sorrentino, The Humor Consultant

The book, The Great Wing, was recommended to our Amway network marketing group as part of our ongoing training program. I did not read it right away, but members of our group did and were highly recommending it to me. I picked it up over a weekend and could not put it down. I saw the overall concept, but went back over the book three more times and I still refer back to it. There is so much wisdom in what I first perceived to be a rather simplistic story -- that is until I read it and began to process through the teachings that Dr. Tartaglia has so brilliantly incorporated. I would suggest that anyone regardless of the type of work you are involved with to read this book, it has some very important life lessons that we all need to learn.  - Jo Ann T. Kock, Sarasota, Florida

"The Great Wing is a poetic and inspiring story about the power of Surrender and Trust, using a beautiful example in nature. I am recommending it to my friends and patients who are on a spiritual path." Lucia Colizoli, MD Shaker Heights, OH

"I have read and re-read your book, The Great Wing and have passed it on. Your words have touched me and that of my co-workers deeply." - Sister Monica Marcinak, OSF

What Readers are Saying About Heart to Heart    

"Offers fresh, visionary insights into the way we will earn our fortunes. A must read." - Dr. Denis Waitley

"Powerful and astute. A journalist and a psychiatrist team up to dissect an industry." - Harvey Mackay

"Brilliantly showcases a revolution that's sweeping the
nation." - Dr. Stephen Covey

"These are not get-rich-quick schemes but sincere tales of unlimited potential that exists in our lives." - Ken

"Life-altering stories and powerful reading. Presents an amazing spectacle of free enterprise in action" - Les

"The brightest insights, the most powerful wisdom and the most get going thoughts in network marketing are contained in this brilliant book." -- Mark Victor Hansen, Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"Living a successful life is based on the connections you make with others Heart to Heart shows how to do just that." Jim McCann, president of 1-800-FLOWERS

"Everyone who is interested in making money should read this book." --Rocky H. Aoki, founder of Benihana Restaurants

"Few people outside network marketing have the understanding to bring the field to life like these two highly talented authors. Heart to heart is a tour de force." --Paul Zane Pilzer, author, entrepreneur, economist.

"Finally, a book that unveils the mystique and true benefits of network marketing while capturing the emotion and passion at the heart of this unique method of distribution." --Mitchell Schlimer, chairman of Let's Talk Business Network

"Wonderful stories -- especially about the women who are succeeding and loving life in a field that sets no limits on
achievemnet." --Carol Anderson Taber,
former publisher of Working Woman and Working Mother magazines.

"Both entrepreneurs and CEOs will find this book a roadmap to success through the greatest profession af all -- selling." -- Joseph Mancuso, founder of the Chief Executive Officers Club.

"This book wil fill you with visions of free enterprise." --Dottie Walters, author of Speak and Grow Rich, publisher of Sharing Ideas magazine and president of Walters International Speakers Bureau

"You'll read about an incredible variety of people all living lifestyles that were once beyond their wildest imaginations." --Linda Chandler, author, inspirational speaker

"Doctors, ministers, single mothers, retired grandparents, regular families -- all living unimaginalby successful lifestyles. This book tells how anyone williing to work hard has a fair shot at joining them." --Patti DeMatteo, president and Ceo of JMW Group, Inc.

"The companies in this book have found ways to energize, motivate, and empower people that are innovative and cutting edge. We all can learn from these excellent company examples and practices." --Bob Nelson, president of Nelson Motivation, Inc., and author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees and 1001 Ways to Energize Employees

"Here are the principles and strategies you need for winning in the most revolutionary field of marketing." -- Gerald A. Michaelson, author of Sun Tzu: The Art of War for Managers

"What a wealth of valuable information! What a treasure chest of subtle, profound, and wealth-producing insights! My heart-to-heart advice to everyone is to read this book and feel your life being transformed." Cynthia Kersey, speaker and author of Unstoppable: 45 Stories of Perseverance and Triumph from People Just Like You.


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