The Impact of Character

The Impact of Character on

Your Business!


No matter what the business problem, you can be certain that it is rooted in a characterlogical problem somewhere in your organization. Think about the last major complaint that you had to deal with. If it involved people, it involved character. If it involved faulty service it was related to character. Every time you are confronted with a crisis you can be sure that character flaws are going to surface. Whether it be a manager who is Addicted to Being Right or an employee who is using Inadequacy - the excuse for everything, awareness of character flaws will help you break the cycle of "insanity" that too often disrupts relationships at work.

Character is the guarantee of long term success. Quality businesses founded in great principles reflect character. You corporate mission statement is a reflection of the character of your business. All education to your people must have as the final outcome an improvement of their character.

Your organization needs to understand what character is and how it will enhance the bottom line. Long term success is grounded in healthy relationships. These relationships are deeply impacted by character.

Louis A. Tartaglia, author of Flawless! -Ten Most Common Character Flaws and What to Do About Them is the world's premiere authority on Character Development. You need to understand how character flaws effect you.

Ask Dr. Tartaglia to customize a program for you organization today. It will be an eye opening experience. It will also be one of the most delightfully entertaining presentations your organization has ever had. Most importantly the information will effect your bottom line and the long-term success of your company. Call today - 419-460-2150.




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