"The Great Wing"
A Parable


"This is one of the most touching and yet powerful parables I have ever read. "
- Og Mandino

You will discover principles that you have used in every support group you have ever been in. Read it, and it will change your life. Developing High Performance Teamwork is crucial. Today's organizations have greater demands on productivity than ever before.

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The Great Wing
By Louis A. Tartaglia, M.D.

Told with just a touch of whimsy, The Great Wing reminds us that each of us has the power of the Universe within us. We watch as Gomer first pooh-poohs the whole frightening idea of the approaching arduous migraiton. His preference is for solo, acrobatic flights around the old home pond. He even contemplates staying behind and toughing out the winter. But gradually, as he is taken under the wing of his grandfather and of others who have made the journey before, Gomer becomes receptive to the "Flock Mind," and gives himself over to the power of the "Great Wing." In the process, he comes to see how even his superior strength and flying ability can be magnified when it is deferred to the greater needs of the entire flock.

Dr. Tartaglia "love(s) using allegories to teach spiritual lessons." In The Great Wing, our potential as individuals is affirmed, as is the power of group prayer of the "Master Mind." As we make the journey with Gomer and his flock, we rediscover that we tie our own potential into the power of the common good by way of attributes such as honesty, hope courage, trust, perseverance, spirituality, and service. Gomer's trials and tribulations, as well as his triumph, are our own.

The Great Wing is one of the 90's great parables. It stands on its' own as a charming story of a goose, Gomer, who is struggling to learn how and why the flock must leave their pond. On a deeper level, Gomer is experiencing many of the same inner struggles that we go through every day. How do I balance my need for individuality and self expression with my undeniable need to be part of something larger? What we learn is we can have it all. You can surrender yourself to the "flock" and not loose sight of who you are. In fact, It is within this "flock" that you discover your true self and all you have to offer to the world.

What People Are Saying About "The Great Wing"

"Take a flight into spiritual transformation as you experience how
possibility thinking works its wonders on this flock."
- Dr. Robert H.Schuller

"A magnificent transformational journey- step aboard for a life changing
flight - I loved it."
- Wayne Dyer

"A little gem-It touches the heart and lifts the soul."
- Fr. Joe Martin

If you have ever struggled to survive, had to face the winds of
adversity or moved on in life afraid that you might not make it, read
this book. It will inspire and motivate you. It will fill you with
faith in God.
- David Toma, World renowned lecturer and author.

Author, Dr. Louis Tartaglia's telling of the story of Gomer is second
only to meeting him in person. His outgoing personality seems in
contrast to the calming effect he has over individuals he meets. He
seems like a person who has the peace we all seem to search for, much
like Gomer does in the Great Wing.
Chris Champion, Manager Thackeray's Books.

The Great Wing is a priceless jewel that everyone in a recovery program
should read.
- Spencer Haywood, former NBA All-Star

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