"Flawless! "
The Ten Most Common Character Flaws and What You Can Do About Them

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"Dr. Tartaglia has done it! Flawless! is a fascinating, realistic, practical guide to happiness. In fact, in a world of illusory promises, his may be the onty reliable prescription for peace of mind and contentment. I do know for sure that this prominent psychiatrist has put his finger on exactly the reasons so many bright individuals fall short of the success they are seeking. Fortunately, this book provides us with many inspiring models for success and with the tools that we can use to fix the flaws that are holding us back. Dr Tartaglia leaves no doubt that we do indeed have the power to change owr lives, to create new selves, and to take charge of guiding our own destinies."
Scott DeGarmo, Former Editor-in-Chief & Publisher SUCCESS Magazine
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Many people are suffering from character flaws that have undoubtedly held them back in work, relationships, and life, says prominent psychiatrist Dr. Louis A Tartaglia, aka. "Dr. T." The good news, says Dr.. T., is that you can turn your character flaws into CHARACTER ASSETS and become.....FLAWLESS!

In his new book, 'FLAWLESS.' (Morrow: January 1999), Dr. T. identifies the TOP TEN CHARACTER FLAWS that undermine our chances to succeed in life, including time-tested ways to overcome them!


Be careful; this is worse than just having the flaw. Here
the flaw has you! Anyone of the following may be

1. Do you find yourself "upset" when you need to be calm?
2. Do you lie when it would be better to tell the truth?
3. Would you rather be right even if it wrecks a
4. Do you hate accepting responsibility and blame others
even when you know you are wrong?
5. Does resentment feel like a perfectly normal civil
6. Do you worry about things you can't control?
7. Do you fear even when there is nothing to worry about
because it feels normal?
8. Are you intolerant of people who are not like you even
when you are interested in knowing them?
9. Do you use the excuse that you are a victim whenever it
is useful?
10. Do you try to force others to do things your way
because you want them to like you?
11. Do you cop out with inadequacy even before you have
tried your hardest?
12. Do you love to find fault and share it even when you
are aware that it will hurt someone else?
13. Did you graduate from law schdol or become a
14. Last but most important, do you find yourself using
your most common flaw even when you don't want to?
If you're like most of us, you are constantly dealing with
people who would rather be right than happy. They are that
great class of unfortunate souls who are incapable of
admitting they are wrong. They are convinced that their
way of living, their way of doing things, is best. These
characters wish that the rest of the world would get with
their personal program. Then, according to them, everyone
would be better off.

Or maybe you have a boss or coworker with a flash-point
temper who gets enraged over the silliest things. Some of
you might have a spouse or partner who blames you for his
or her problems. Do you know anyone who prefers criticism
over solutions, or who relishes nurturing resentment?
These people have character flaws.

The truth is that everybody has them. Some of us have more
than others. You may notice you have them too. I know I
have my share. Don't worry if you happen to see your flaws
surfacing as I describe them. That is a sign of your own
open-mindedness and willingness to get a handle on your

We are a society that is enamored with defective
character. We watch thousands of hours of TV and films
where the leading role is portrayed by an imperfect
character. We watch celebrities, politicians, and stars on
and off the screen with an almost morbid fascination for
their defects: J. R. on Dallas, Jeffrey Geiger on Chicago
Hope, Diane on Cheers, or Abby on Knots Landing -- the
most flawed people seem to be among the most captivating.
Perhaps in their struggles we see ourselves.

Great individuals with high character also have glaring
faults. It is precisely because they have such high
character that their flaws stand out. The common
perception that good people have fewer flaws is wrong. It
is not a matter of more or fewer flaws. It is the
willingness to change them that counts. If you read the
lives of saints and sages you will find that they too had
to discipline themselves to improve their character. It is
in the process of working on your flaws that you develop
great strength of character. Strength of character is what
this book is about.

Some people, you may have noticed, deliberately cling to
their defects of character. In fact there are many who
hone their flaws in order to be in control or have power
over others. As much as some hate to admit it, there are
evil people in this world who use character flaws to get
ahead and dominate others. These individuals have al ways
been with us. Our modern, allegedly enlightened society
seeks to reform them, even when it is obvious that there
is no willingness on their part to change. As a society we
have become fascinated with the dark side, like sunbathers
who bask in the shadows.

Copyright 1998 by Louis A. Tartaglia

Using case studies from his practice, colorful anecdotes and prescriptive advice, Dr. T. demonstrates how we can get unstuck and live a more peaceful, productive and happy life.

Dr. T is an author, psychiatrist, addiction medicine specialist, and the director of the Tartaglia Mind Institute. Dr. T. has a wife and five sons and lives in Sylvania, Ohio.

"Character is the mosf critical issue facing our society. Here is a dynamic book that tells us what we can do to imrove it. Tartaglia will enlighten you" "

- Jack Canfield, co-author, New York Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series



`'If you'd like a flawless life and character, read, absorb and use these principles and insights from my friend, Dr. 'T."'
-- Mark Victor Hansen,
Co-author, New York Times #1 bestseller, Chicken Soup For The Soul series

"Character is the most critical issue facing our society. Here is a dynamic book that tells us what we can do to improve it. Tartaglia wi11 enlighten you.''
-- Jack Canfield, Co-author, New York Times #1 bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"Simple, easy-to-read -- like looking in the mirror. You'll get the point, and you'll get it quickly -- and maybe save a few dollars in therapy""
-- Dr. Joyce L. Vedral, Author, Look in, Look up, Look out!: Be the Person You Were Meant to Be

"Flawless" A priceless jewel that shows you it is possible by the grace of God to turn your character flaws into character assets."
-- Robert H. Schuller, Author, Ten Steps to Financial Freedom and Life's Not Fair, But God is Good

"Flawless is good food for the soul."
-- Father Angelo Scolozzi, Missionaries of Charity 3rd Order

"If you don't have any flaws you're not human. Making your life work involves admitting your flaws and committing to change. Let Flawless be your life guide. This is a must read for all earthly beings."
-- Ken Blanchard, Co-author, The One Minute Manager

"I cannot tell you how deeply impressed I was while reviewing Flawless, by Lou Tartaglia. Not only is it rich in earthy, healthy psychology, but the style is delightful. It is a book that not just certain people should read, but one ~at everyone could benefit from, and enjoy themselves in the process."
-- Joseph F. Girzone, author of the Joshua series

"Dr. Tartaglia jump-starts us toward growth by understanding that character flaws are defensive mechanisms. ("flaws don't occur because people are bad, but because people are hurting.'' ) He guides us to self-directed change by distinguishing between feats of iron will and the more powerful humility of willingness. Flawless is a powerful, timely guidebook to a healthier, heartier dance through life."
-- Jim Tunney, Ed.D., Former NFL Referree

''Flawless! Your Ten Most Common Character Flaws and What to Do About Them is a must-read from a medical director and an outstanding writer whose decades of working with patients provides him a rich background of understanding human psychology. Dr. Tartaglia is genius at simplifying complex theory into clear, understandable, and practical action steps that will enrich your life and interaction with others."'
-- Paul J. Meyer, Founder of Success Motivation Institute, Inc. and Leadership Management, Inc.

`'Dr. Tartaglia's terrific book Flawless! reflects a street smart and savvy approach that has helped thousands of patients. He is the most knowledgeable psychiatrist I have ever worked with. Flawless! is a must read for anyone bent on turning their life around.''
-- David Toma, World renowned lecturer and author