Dr. Tartaglia is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Addiction Medicine Specialist. Committed to helping others achieve their full potential, Dr. Tartaglia worked with individuals in his New York and New Jersey practices for over two decades. His background includes serving as a consultant to Mother Teresa's Third Order on Issues of Substance Abuse and Recovery, where he helped to set up a therapeutic clinic in Rome. He is collaborating on a tape series with Fr. Angelo Scolozzi, MCIIIO, titled Thirsting for God, The Spiritual Lessons of Mother Teresa from Nightengale-Conant. Fr. Angelo is the co-founder with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, of the Missionaries of Charity Third Order, Universal Brothers of the Word. Father worked twenty-one years with Mother.
Dr. T served as an Instructor at the Rutgers Summer School of Alcoholism Studies, and was a Clinical Instructor at the Medical College of Ohio and The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He is the author of several books, including "The Great Wing" . He has recently published a new book on character flaws, called "Flawless! -The Ten Most Common Character Flaws And What You Can Do About Them", released by William Morrow.  With Scott DeGarmo of Success Magazine fame, Dr. T has written a powerful business book, Heart to Heart -- The Real Power of Network Marketing, released by Prima.
Dr. Tartaglia has finished a romantic adventure screenplay, a full length  motion picture, scheduled for production in 2002 from Rainbow Film Entertainment & Deltamax, LLC.   Details will be posted on the website.

He is the Director of the Tartaglia Mind Technologies Institute - an organization whose mission is to create new insights for individuals, increase personal and professional productivity, dramatically enhance character, self-esteem, and discover life's preeminent purpose.



Tartaglia Mind Technologies Institute


Where the most up to date innovations in Neuro-psychological techniques
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The Institute was founded with the purpose of creating practical applications of the most advanced mind technologies. Our goal is to provide you with programs that teach the most effective methods for Character Development, Strategic Life Planning, Time management, Personal Productivity, Leadership, and Sex and Ethics in the Workplace.
Let us create an entertaining and
motivating program for your next meeting. We guarantee that our information will create new insights, increase productivity and dramatically enhance self esteem. Come with us to discover your life's preeminent purpose, get on track with character and ethics issues. You deserve to succeed! You can enjoy the journey! You are able to unlock the hidden potential and manifest your destiny!

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